Mail Forwarding Service

Open a mail forwarding service account with us today and you can use our Mailbox address as your own.  We will then forward all your mail to an address of your choosing, you’re address will never be shared with any 3rd party.

Your address would look something like this:

Defranco Shipping Service
ATTN: “Your Company Name ####”
177-509 Commissioners Rd W
London, Ontario, Canada
N6J 1Y5

This service is good for:

  • Individuals who are always traveling.
  • Small businesses who don’t want to share their warehouse location.
  • Start-up brands who don’t have a physical location yet.
  • e-commerce & dropshipping companies.

Discreet Mailing

We also offer Private & Discreet Mail Forwarding.  This includes an extra premium feature where we don’t keep any records of your address, or where the package came from.  Your dashboard controls all the information for the destination to forward the mail to that you fill in yourself.  When it prints out, its covered by a shield block material that blocks the full recipient name and address from being seen by anyone handling the package at our company.

Data of this is then erased permanently from our servers after the label is printed, and cannot be recovered.  The parcel/letter is handed off to a contracted independent courier who only knows the city it is going to.  After the courier arrives in the destination city, the courier will then remove the shield material covering the address and make final delivery and will not record the address or details.

Who uses discreet mailing?

  • Judges, court clerks.
  • CEO’s & board members.
  • High valued individuals.

Note that like both Canada Post and United States Postal Services we follow the same prohibited items guidelines for shipping within United States and in Canada.