Domestic Shipping Service

We utilize a fleet of privately hired couriers in Canada and in the United States.  This includes select Uber drivers, Taxi Drivers, Small & Independent localized delivery companies across the Nation.

Parcels and letters are delivered in person directly to the intended receiver.  They are never placed in a mail box or left on a door step unless specifically requested.  All shipments are handled with care as if the package was a glass ball.

Our Domestic Shipping is a specialized service for those that require a item to be shipped with the up-most care that larger companies cannot meet standards for.  Besides you driving yourself to deliver in person, we are the next best thing.

Our service is great for the following:

  • Corporate documents.
  • Private and legal documents.
  • High valued items.
  • Fragile items.
  • Oddly shaped items.
  • Time sensitive items.

Note that like both Canada Post and United States Postal Services we follow the same prohibited guidelines for shipping within United States and in Canada.